Clinical Supervision

What is Clinical Supervision?

Clinical supervision is a formal and disciplined working alliance that is generally between a Master’s of Social Work and Licensed Clinical Social Worker. In which the Master Social Worker’s clinical work is reviewed, with the intention of: improving their work with clients; ensuring client welfare and supporting the their professional development.

Supervision is offered to Master Level Social Worker’s practicing clinical social work while working towards taking the Licensed Clinical Social Work Examination. While you are providing clinical work to your clients you must be practicing under “professional supervision.” In order to meet the requirements to apply for licensure, (100) one hundred hours of work experience under professional supervision must be completed for the State of CT. Supervision is tailored to each person who is receiving the supervision.

What can clinical supervision do for you?


Your sessions are private and not shared with anyone. You can feel secure that what you say here, stays here. 


No commute time. Keep your other appointments. 


Online counseling lets you attend sessions using technology you’re already comfortable with. 


You don’t have to worry about who may have seen you go into a counselors office nor do you have to worry about someone at the office over-hearing your conversation. 

Complete your clinical hours toward your L.C.S.W.

We’ll discuss you goals and if online supervision is right for you.