Online Counseling Services

Online Video Counseling
Individual Counseling.

Individual Counseling

Online counseling for individuals. Professional, Confidential and accessible counseling. No need to go to the office, right from your phone or computer. 

You choose where you receive counseling at the office or from the comfort of your own home. 

Life Coaching

Individual discussions for the goal orientated person or business. Don't let old patterns hold you back from your dreams.

In home Counseling

Individual counseling for individuals enrolled in CT home care program for elders.

Clinical Supervison

Offering Clinical Supervision for L.C.S.W.

Who would you be talking to:

You would be talking to a Licensed, professional therapist to help you through life's transitions or daily struggles.

There is no concern of stigma of going to an office, sessions are confidential and individual.

It is convenient from your office or home. Anywhere you can speak in private.